COVID-19 Impact for Student Supervisors

  • The 2020 SEE Summit has been postponed indefinitely
  • The UO implemented a hiring freeze which does not impacts hiring new student employees
  • Students are eligible for up to two weeks of paid sick leave under the UO emergency sick leave provision (prorated for their part time status)
  • HR has complied a list of FAQs for student supervisors and student employees
  • Looking for advice or want to connect with your student employment enhancement community via Microsoft Teams and ┬ávia email at uosee@uoregon.edu

The Student Employment Enhancement Initiative, known as SEE, is a campus-wide effort that seeks to promote and improve the professional development and employment outcomes of University of Oregon student employees by developing the knowledge, skills, and capacity of career staff members who supervise students. Most employers want meaningful experience in college graduates including demonstrated communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and team work competencies. Through active engagement of on-campus employer partners and mutually beneficial collaboration across campus, SEE is developing a suite of professional development tools, resources, and support for student workers, their supervisors, and departments to collectively enhance the professional readiness of our college graduates. SEE provides training opportunities focused on: recruitment and hiring, on-boarding and training, along with performance management sessions. Explore resources by visiting the SEE Resources Hub (log in required)!

SEE Core Strategies

Learning-focused: To ensure meaningful student employment, learning should be at the core of the experience. We outline opportunities to weave in learning throughout the essentials and enhancements – for example, we recommend incorporating learning outcomes into every step of the student employment experience from position description to selection, orientation, training, and performance review.

Inclusive: SEE believes in making student employment experiences and environments welcoming, personalized, and inclusive. The SEE committee recommends several ways to incorporate inclusive language and attitudes throughout recruitment, hiring, training, and performance supervision, and we are excited about constantly adding new ways to do so.

Mentoring: Incorporate mentorship, role modeling, and networking into supervision to support student employees by demonstrating the values, attitudes, and competencies on which the student employees will be evaluated and establishing lasting professional partnerships.