“Promote and improve professional development and employment outcomes for University of Oregon student employees”


Benefits of engaging in Student Employment Enhancement (SEE)

  • Supervisors develop valuable professional skills in supervision, establish a network of support among student supervisors on campus, and are able to identify how their students grow, develop, and leave ready for their profession.
  • Students are trained and supported in their employment, working more effectively and efficiently for the department.
  • Students have a meaningful experience that prepares them for professional opportunities after college.


SEE Core Strategies

  • Learning-focused: To ensure meaningful student employment, learning should be at the core of the experience. We outline opportunities to weave in learning throughout the essentials and enhancements – for example, we recommend incorporating learning outcomes into every step of the student employment experience from position description to selection, orientation, training, and performance review.
  • Inclusive: SEE believes in making student employment experiences and environments welcoming, personalized, and inclusive. The SEE committee recommends several ways to incorporate inclusive language and attitudes throughout recruitment, hiring, training, and performance supervision, and we are excited about constantly adding new ways to do so.
  • Mentoring: Incorporate mentorship, role modeling, and networking into supervision to support student employees by demonstrating the values, attitudes, and competencies on which the student employees will be evaluated and establishing lasting professional partnerships.