About Us

The Student Employment Enhancement campus-wide effort, also known as SEE, seeks to promote and improve the professional development and employment outcomes of University of Oregon student employees. Most employers want meaningful experience in college graduates including demonstrated communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and team work competencies. Through active engagement of on-campus employer partners and mutually beneficial collaboration across campus, SEE is developing a suite of professional development tools, resources, and support for student workers, their supervisors, and departments to collectively enhance the professional readiness of our college graduates.


SEE Committee Members:  Kate Kate Werdebaugh
Associate Director, HR & Admin
p: (541) 346-6011
e: kate@uoregon.edu
 Colleen Colleen Lewis
Employer Relations & Events Coordinator
p: (541) 346-6016
e: lewis@uoregon.edu
 Chelsea Chelsey Augustyniak
CAT Manager/Career Advisor
p: (541) 346-6027
e: caugusty@uoregon.edu
rsz_trish Trish Dorman
Assistant Director for Youth and Family
p: (541) 346-1057
e: trishd@uoregon.edu
  Jessica Best
Interim Director, LCB Career Services
p: (541) 346-1672
e: bestje@uoregon.edu
Sarah Jester
Assistant Director, LCB Career Services
p: (541) 346-4736
e: sjester@uoregon.edu
No one   Carly Brynelson
SEE Graduate Employee
p: (541) 346-3235
e: seegtf@uoregon.edu
 No one Celeste Blythe
Executive Assistant and Office Manager, UO Housing
p: (541) 346-1672
e: cblythe@uoregon.edu
 No one Al Diaz
Asst. Dir. of Operations, PE & Rec
p: (541) 346-8732
e: adiazjr@uoregon.edu

Check out the Human Resources Student Employment page for resources on policies, procedures, and student wage rates.  If you would like to learn more about SEE, get involved in the SEE effort, or provide feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Please email seegtf@uoregon.edu.