Orientation & Training

Orientation is designed to acquaint new student workers with the institution, division and department where they will be working. Orientation is meant to get students familiar with the department’s structure, policies, procedures, and expectations, and will allow them to feel more confident and comfortable when they are coming in for their first day as a student employee.

The attached worksheet outlines the various critical components that can be included while designing an orientation schedule for the new student workers. The components mentioned in the outline below are recommended by the SEE committee as they provide an incoming student worker with a wholesome experience and a better understanding of the workplace that they will be a part of.

 Performance Eval1  training_website

Orientation tips

A few tips that would be of help as you design your orientation schedule and program.



How to create a video for your orientation??

A brief training outline on video creation for student workers is mentioned below. The outline is an actual example used by the Mills International center as they created a video for their incoming student workers.

Mills International center student worker outline

Videography equipment is available for checkout through CMET in the basement of the UO Libraries & they also have work stations that can help with editing. To learn more about how video equipment can be obtained from the CMET center, click on the link below.

How to check out video equipment from the CMET center.

If a department or office has ideas and funding, hiring a student with experience in videography is an excellent way to simultaneously create quality videos and give UO students valuable work experience. Departments on campus have hired journalism students who can create videos and these special projects with visible outcomes are great for students’ portfolios and for the UO.

Example Video: