Supervisor Trainings

Grow in your student supervision practice with four training’s offered by your student supervisor community in partnership with HR.

Leadership in Student Supervision – Offered 1x a term

This workshop will provide practical information, resources and tools on policies, laws and effective procedures and practices for hiring, supervising and supporting the performance and development of student employees. It will cover the differences between supervising students and supervising other staff, including the relevance of facilitating student’s professional development. This workshop will also provide concrete recommendations for effective job description drafting, recruiting, hiring, scheduling, orienting, training, evaluating, and coaching students to operate as effective members of your staff and to prepare them intentionally for the world of work.

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Leadership in Student Supervision

Enhancing Your Student Supervision Practice Series – Each session is offered 2x a year

Enhance your student supervision practice by incorporating each of SEE’s core strategies of inclusion, learning, and mentoring into each stage of the employment cycle. This series will allow for reflection, best-practice sharing, and community building inspiring supervisors to feel equipped as educators and to support student employees who are able to contribute meaningfully to your department and to their professional opportunities after college.

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Fall and Spring Terms:

On-boarding and Training

Winter and Summer Terms:

Recruitment and Hiring

Performance Management

Upcoming Supervisor Trainings: